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Espresso Coffee

Dine In
Reg – $4.00
Large – $4.50
Take Away
Reg – $3.50
Large – $4.00

Other Brew Methods

Pour-Over, Aeropress, Cold Drip – Market Price


Fresh Vanilla Ice-cream, Espresso and Chocolate Sorbet – $7.00

Belgian Hot Chocolate

Callebaut Couverture Chocolate blended with milk and sprinkled with a Single Origin Criollo Couverture originating from Venezuela – $8.00

Organic Loose Leaf Tea

English Breafast, Earl Grey, Green, Chamomile, Peppermint, Chai, Lemon Grass and Ginger – $4.00

Darkhorse Blend and Single Origins

Our house blend is designed for espresso coffee. Roasted to highlight the origin’s character and blend
harmoniously with milk. This blend changes from time to time depending on seasonality. Guatemala La Soledad – 34%
Costa Rica Los Angeles – 33% El Salvador Las Brumas – 33%
Each day we offer a selectively sourced single origin coffee, roasted specifically to be enjoyed black, showcasing
the beans varietal and regional characteristics. The single origin changes regularly so be sure to ask what is on offer.

Brewed Coffee

This is true specialty coffee. Weighed to the gram, timed to the second, and brewed with ethically sourced, single
estate coffee. Each brew method draws out varying characteristics from each single origin.

Pour Over:

Brewed in a Clever Dripper, the ground coffee is steeped and then filtered. The absence of pressure
from this brew method makes for a softer first sip before the nuances of the bean develop on your palate.


In this brew method the ground coffee is steeped before the water is forced through the ground coffee
under pressure. This adds a little punch to the cup, creating a brew with slightly more acidity and a heavier mouth feel.

Cold Drip:

Brewed with ice cold water, one drop at a time over 6 hours, the absence of heat and pressure make for
a refreshing brew that is naturally sweet and low in acidity. Served over ice, you will find a different flavour element of the
single origin develop with each sip.